Growing up in the rural Central Texas town of Caldwell, Thane Matcek learned to play guitar at a young age. His father, a country musician, paid him $5 for each song he learned, and all manners of Dylan, Hank Sr. and Cobain entered into his lexicon. He learned 70 of them one summer, and after paying off a $350 tab, Pops withdrew the offer and Thane began writing his own material.

At 17, he released his first material under the name The Linoleum Experiment on a 7" issued by 76.2% Records — which later became Ojet. Matcek then went on to form All Transistor, releasing one album (Parts, 2000) before he joined the Houston band SadLikeCrazy for Love Songs To Death (2001) and Populist Octopus (2002). A car accident a number of years later would derail him from music for a time, but he began recording again in 2009 as Your Mouth And Eyes — a project which, like All Transistor, merged his love for both country and indie rock.

"Farm The Moon" is the first digital single Ojet has ever released, and marks Matcek’s return to a label that itself was on hiatus for almost ten years before our releases by Bull Thieves and Elysian Fields last year. The video is directed by Thane’s brother Trevin Matcek, who has directed for The Postal Service ("The District Sleeps Tonight”), and whose short film Life Begins At Rewirement will debut on PBS this spring.

Thane now lives in Austin and continues to record country music with his father Gable. They have released three albums in the last ten years on their own Harmony Road Records.

Photo: An Tran (Caldwell, Texas)



Your Mouth And Eyes
"Farm The Moon" single (OJET-016)

Big, screeching guitars, whispered vocals and a fat bassline on which you can hear the strings being scraped real good and choppy.

Thane Matcek is an Ojet old schooler, with appearances on several releases and even a connection to 76.2% Records, the label that became Ojet back in 1998. This one is new school/old school/NASA-style. Check out the video.